Album: The Fakehuners - Jazz Is

Album: The Fakehuners - Jazz Is

The Fakehunter - Jazz Is(2009)
  1. Jazz Is
  2. Chips feat. Ethemadassassin & Veteran Eye
  3. Staircase For Love feat. P Able
  4. Steady Rock feat. Tony Moon
  5. Reasons feat. Co$$
  6. Say My Name Like feat. Rey Resurreccion
  7. Love Is Real feat. Lady Paradox
  8. Imma Have It feat. PDR
  9. Zoning feat. Van Ark & Oz Arc Raider
  10. Just Breathe feat. Melodiq & Justbrea
  11. Good Loving feat. Af Soul
  12. Schizo feat. Asylum7


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